About Us

The Ocean makes up the majority of our planet and yet it is a minority in our conversations. We seek to alter this by bringing our blue planet to the forefront

As passionate scuba divers, freedivers, and scientists we strive to communicate the beauty, intrigue, and importance of our silent world by interviewing guests from across the spectrum

Show Host

Byron loves to talk with interesting people and he's excited to share these fascinating conversations with the world. As the owner of Kona Honu Divers & Kona Freedivers he has his plate full. Whether it's traveling, teaching freediving, or just hanging out in the shop Byron loves to talk about everything ocean with you. As a Biologist and Businessman his interests span a wide variety of topics and are constantly pulling him in different directions

Jeff Milisen


Jeff is an interesting dude with interesting things to say. As a world famous photographer and science nerd Jeff loves to talk about everything ocean critter related. Especially if it's in latin. Jeff has traveled around the planet to dive and photograph interesting things. To see his images check out his website http://iphotograph.fish

Sam Johnson

Executive Producer

Sam is a diver. Combining his schooling in cinema he has produced a number of videos for Kona Honu Divers featuring Kona as a beautiful backdrop. Sam's love of technical diving and travel have brought him to some interesting locales and he continues to explore some of the world's most fascinating dives

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